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A Recipe for Gingerbread Cookies that the Whole Family Can Participate In

Looking for a fun child-friendly recipe this holiday season? Look no further! These gingerbread cookies are a healthier alternative to traditional cookies as they do not contain refined white sugar and are great to make with the kids as they don’t require baking.

Entertaining for Big Groups!

It’s never too early to start planning for the holiday season, and if you’re like me, organization is your best friend. Sometimes, it feels like the second I’m done hosting for one occasion, I’m on to planning the next! Entertaining for a large group can be hard, but with careful planning it will be more fun than stress!

Why Infant Massage is Important for your baby's development

Wonder what the benefits of infant massage are? Find out from our friends at Health Centre of Milton.

Examining the Latest Mortgage Rule Changes

Have you been trying to figure out all the new Mortgage Rule Changes? Our friends from Roach Family Real Estate help shed some light on what it all means for you.

Sleep Tips on How to Deal with the Time Change

Daylight Savings Time often has parents worried about how this will affect their babies sleep. Jamie from Good Night Sleep Site shares some of her secrets on how to cope with the change and get your baby back to their regular routine with little disruption.

There is GOOP in My Baby’s Eye!

Does your little one have some goop in their eye or crusty? Are their eyes really red? Read on to find out what may be the cause.

Nutrition Facts 101

Nutrition facts tables are very daunting to many. Long lists of confusing ingredients and conflicting serving sizes lead tons of us to avoid reading these important tables. Nutrition fact tables should never be overlooked especially if we are looking out for allergens. Thankfully for us, Health Canada is changing the laws on how manufacturers have to display nutrition facts! Starting in 2017 and over the next few years, you will start to notice differences that will make our lives much easier!

Cough and Cold Management

The colder weather is around the corner and the inevitable cold and flu season is not far behind.

Naturopathic Cold and Flu Treatment and Prevention!

Every year many of us spend at least 3 or 4 days (and most likely more) a month feeling a bit “under the weather” or “fighting off” something, making these dreary months even more difficult to enjoy. This year it’s time to make a GOAL to stay healthy and bacteria free!

Hooked on Hemp Seeds

Ever wonder what all the hype is over hemp seeds?