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I love to cook year-round but find summer cooking the easiest and least stressful. Silly really as what I cook on the BBQ in the summer can easily be adapted for the oven or stove top in colder seasons. I guess cooking outside just seems more relaxing especially with a glass of sangria or cold ice tea in my hand!!

Here are a few of tips and tricks on how to make basic marinades and rubs and how Saveur spice blends can turn simple to spectacular!


Most marinades consist of an acid, oil, salt, fruit or dairy produce and of course, last but not least delicious, aromatic herbs and spices.

A frequent question is how long do you marinate for? Not enough time and the marinade won’t have enough time to do its job. Too long and the skin may become “spongy” and dry out during cooking. So, what is the ideal marinating time? I would recommend for small cuts of meet no more than two hours, larger, tougher cuts eight hours or overnight.

I like to marinate my meat in a zip lock as I can easily move the meat around and massage the marinade into all sides however you can marinate in any airtight container. Word of caution DON’T marinate in aluminum containers or foil, because a chemical reaction could spoil the food.

Saveur spice blends make preparing marinades and rubs a breeze.  Here are a few of my family favourite blends and some recommendations on how to use them. However, please don’t limit yourself to just these, try combinations of two or three blends, try a mix as a rub, try a rub in a marinade, believe me you can’t go wrong!

Guacamole Mix - this one is my daughters favourite on chicken or pork. I also love it when used as a rub on fish.

Safari Rub – My favorite by far! This African inspired blend is incredible as a rub on ribs or marinade for steaks

Caribbean Jerk Spice – Use as dry rub or marinade as it’s sure to add a kick to any meal

Downunder Gourmet Grill Rub – No BBQ is complete without this rub with subtle flavours that will enhance any meat you choose.

Tandoori Spice– Your chicken will be super tasty and moist when marinated with this blend and plain yoghurt

For more tips, tricks, recipes and more please join my Facebook group “NOT my mama’s kitchen” or to shop direct visit and select Saveur Spices from menu on the lefts. And don’t forget, not only are Saveur spices delicious but they are all natural, gluten, GMO and dairy free with no added MSG’s!!


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