Send Some Love with Your Lunches This School Year

Sending our kids off to school for the first time can be tough not only for them but for us too. Here's some great ways to make the transition a little easier and help brighten their day.

1. Write a note and put it in an envelope. Every kid loves to receive and open a letter. Include notes from Dad, Siblings, grand parents – switch it up to keep it exciting

2. Send stickers if it’s a special occasion – Halloween, Christmas. St patricks day… they’ll have fun decorating their agenda books or sharing with friends

3. A letter a day……. Give them a letter each day and keep them guessing what it will spell out. You could also do a word a day that makes up a silly sentence

4. A joke a day ………start the day off right with a laugh

5. Send a minute to win it task that they can practice and show off to you when they get home

6. Get to know more about your child with a finish this sentence task……..

7. Secret code….. create a secret code and have them try to figure out the message

8. Send sandwiches & skewers in shapes and colours to brighten their day


These are just a few ideas to brighten your littles day at school. We would love to hear some of the creative things you do.