Royal Canadian Family Circus - Under the Big Top

The all new Royal Canadian family Circus Spectac!® 2019 under the Magnificent Big Top is coming to Milton Fairgrounds August 15-18 for 8 spectacular shows

The all new Royal Canadian family Circus Spectac!®  is coming to Milton Fairgrounds for 8 spectacular shows under the magnificent Big Top from August 15- 18, 2019 for 8 shows that will mesmerize, astound, thrill, and captivate audiences beyond the extraordinary.

The all new internationally renowned Royal Canadian family Circus Spectac!® 2019, is jam packed with explosive thrilling acts featuring the Flying Trapeze, Russian Aristov Family Acrobatics, death-defying Wheel of Destiny, Xtreme Chinese Acrobats including chair balancing, Wire Acts, diablo, and towering feats of balancing strength, Comedy  fearless Gonzalez Motorcycle Globe, Juggling, Flying MotoSwing athleticism and more.* (this is an animal free Spectac! show)  

“It’s an incredible showcase of elite circus artists from all around the world that has been designed for multi-generational families,” says Ringmaster Joseph Bauer. “It’s the essence of a traditional circus; this year families from across Canada will be fascinated by the amazing new global cast of performers coming to perform for families.” Joseph is not only one of the finest Ringmasters on the continent, but is also a 9th generation daredevil performer.

Royal Canadian family Circus Spectac!® 2019 is about giving children and adults alike a glimpse into a traditional world where “10th generation circus families are performing for your families”, and where everyone can enjoy a truly affordable show together regardless of age. Because of the uncompromising quest for excellence, you’ll be amazed by this year’s all new Royal Canadian family Circus Spectac!® 2019.

Take the family and run away to the Circus for one day … it’s simply Spectac!® 2019 .

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Milton Fairgrounds, August 15 – 18 (8 Shows)

Thu Aug 15  7pm 

Fri, Aug 16, 4pm & 7:30pm 

Sat Aug 17, 12 Noon, 4pm & 7:30pm 

Sun Aug 18, 1pm 5pm 



On-Line Tickets 

On-site at the Royal Canadian Circus Big Top Box Office on show days from 10am-8pm