Pumpkins, Potlucks and Scary Movie Marathons: 5 Great Kid-Friendly Halloween Party Ideas

Instead of spending this spooky holiday watching reruns loaded with commercials and munching on all the candy you haven’t given out yet, why not organize a fun Halloween party for you and your little ones?

We’ve just recovered from our turkey-coma and already it’s time to break out the pumpkins, the craft box, and the dress up chest and ready ourselves for what is inarguably the scariest celebration of the year. As your little werewolves and witches ready themselves for a night of collecting as much sugary goodness as humanly (or inhumanly, depending on their costume) possible, it’s up to you to put together the perfect Halloween.

Instead of spending this spooky holiday watching reruns loaded with commercials and munching on all the candy you haven’t given out yet, why not organize a fun Halloween party for you and your little ones?

Here are 5 great party ideas that will make you the queen of Halloween:

  1. Create a killer haunted house: What kid doesn’t want to be scared silly on the spookiest night of the year? This year, create the perfect haunted house and invite all the kids over to your place for group trick-or-treating and a walk through the scariest house on the block. The secret to a good haunted house? Well placed jumpers (gory body parts add a lovely little touch), a table of “guess the body part” (think spaghetti for intestines, grapes for eyeballs, that sort of thing), and a grand finale (think a scarecrow looking man sitting on the bench outside that comes to life as people exit). Be prepared, you might just get a reputation for the coolest (and scariest) mom at school!
  2. Pumpkin carving contest: Considering something a little tamer? Why not invite kids and parents over for a little pumpkin carving bonanza? Order up some pizzas, put on a pot of cider and enjoy a laid back night of good old Halloween fun. First prize? Leftover Candy! Congratulations, you just killed two birds with one stone.
  3. Murder Mystery: Was it the neighbour? Was it the friend from school? Or was it that teacher who has a suspicious amount of facial hair and won’t be found under the light of a full moon? Create a fun murder mystery for your little one and their friends! Create a series of clues and questions that let your kids feel like Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes or whoever their current favourite super sleuths may be. If you have enough time, you can even ask kids to come dressed as a character from the mystery they have to unravel. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, check out websites like mymysteryparty.com and trevor-hopkins.com and find some great tips on how to create the perfect kid-friendly murder mystery Halloween party.
  4. Halloween Pot-Luck: Host a family friendly Halloween party that gets everyone involved! Invite parents and kids to work together to produce the scariest, funniest and most creative plates. Offer mini-rewards for efforts that go above and beyond, and enjoy a hassle-free Halloween with no clean-up to boot. Looking for some great Halloween-themed recipes? From Yummy Mummies and Vampire Dip to Devilish Owls, Pinterest is the key to all your Halloween cooking! Not signed up yet? Do it, and never have to rely on last minute recipe ideas again!
  5. Scary movie marathon: I know that it sounded like I was knocking the scary movie watching but if you’re going to do it – do it right. Give the other parents a night off (this way they’ll owe you) and offer to host a sleepover movie-marathon for the munchkins! First up, prepare a plethora of suitable (and age-appropriate) Halloween-themed flicks. Remember to line up a variety of films on the spook-meter in case your guests are less into gore, more into stalk or way into the extraterrestrial. Prep some terrifying goodies like Scream, The Exorcist and I Know What You Did Last Summer as well as some humorous Halloween treats like Hocus Pocus, Scary Movie and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Lay out a selection of holiday themed snacks; orange and black jelly beans,  popcorn tossed with handfuls of Reese’s Pieces, and cupcakes decorated with ghoulish black icing to top it all off. Shove the kiddies into the dark scary basement, insert your ear buds and sleep tight!