Permission To Cry

It’s okay to admit when things are not okay.
It’s okay to cry on the floor or scream out loud.
It’s okay to have moments of crazy.
We’re real. We’re human. And we’re constantly learning and growing. (And healing!)

I’ve done a lot of crying over the past few months.

Just the other night I laid on the floor with Punch, my 8 year old golden retriever, and bawled. A combination of love for my new pet (he reminds me SO much of my other golden), mixed with an uncertainty about what’s next. 

I’ve lost people I loved. I’ve lost dogs that I loved.

And I’ve let go of ideas that were dreams for my future. 

This “In The Meantime” space, it can be a scary place. 

But it can also be an exciting adventure.

Because even though I have moments of weakness, most days that’s how I choose to look at life. 

So the stuff you’re going through, don’t be afraid to cry it out. Weep on the floor. It’ll feel good. But get up as soon as you can.

We all have our things. We’re all going through something. Whether it’s with your child, a parent...a sibling or a neighbour.  We all have something more going on under the surface. 

That’s what life is about. 

Having the things. And doing our best to stay strong through them, with an appreciation for the gifts to be learned along the way. 

We all have the ability to get through our things and come out stronger. 

Forgive yourself for the times you haven’t liked yourself very much. For the times you’ve yelled or overreacted.

Cry the tears. Feel the feels. And then stand strong and embrace the gifts. And smile knowing that life is unfolding exactly this way for a reason.

Life is beautiful…and so are you.

You deserve to live a happy life.  We all deserve to live the life we desire.


Thank you Sandy from for sharing.