Skating is a great way to stay active in the winter months. Join the Health Centre of Milton team on the ice this winter for some exercise and fun!

When starting out be sure to:

  • Invest in equipment that suit your height and size
  • Be “head smart’, wear your helmet with the cage, shield or visor properly secured
  • Sharpen your skates regularly for better performance
  • Repair or replace damaged or broken equipment
  • Warm up with before hitting the ice

If you are new to the sport, get checked by a health professional to make sure it’s an appropriate fitness activity for you. And if you are a regular skater or hockey player, seeing a chiropractor or physiotherapist throughout the season can help optimize your muscle and joint function and deal with stiffness and soreness before they sideline you.


  • Never stretch a cold muscle
  • Always warm up before pre game stretches
  • Don’t overstretch – be comfortable
  • Don’t bounce when stretching
  • If you experience pain that lasts longer then your post activity soreness ice the area and consult a physiotherapist or chiropractor.

**Tips courtesy of the Canadian Chiropractic Association**


Visit our friends at Health Centre of Milton for more info or contact them at 905-878-8131.