Easy Ways to Keep Connected While Observing Social Distancing

Many people are having a hard time with this concept of social distancing. But here are some ways to stay connected.

It has been a couple of weeks since we have started social distancing but this doesn't mean we have to stop talking to our friends and family. We should stop thinking of it as social distancing and actually think of it as physical distancing. We can be social without being in the same room with our friends. Here are some great ways to do so:

  • Dial the digits of your friend and talk over the phone
  • Skype – use camera to see each other for a face to face conversation
  • House Party is a great app to see your friends and also play games with them
  • Join a twitter party
  • Zoom with a group of people
  • Join a FB group to have conversations and get questions answered.
  • Texting
  • Write a letter
  • Download apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp as a different way to text people.

Let's not let this time take us away from being the people we usually are. We can still be social without havin to be in a large group hanging out. Let's keep everyone safe both physically from COVID-19 and mentally.