Did You Know Your Child is Eligible for Free Eye Exams

Do you know if your child sees well? HOW?

Even if your child does see well, how do you know if their eyes are healthy and working well together?  Only your Optometrist can tell you for sure.  Eye exams are insured by OHIP until your child is 20 years old, so there is no cost to parents.  Do you know about the Eye See Eye Learn Program in Milton?  Kids in JK are eligible to receive a pair of complimentary glasses through the Eye See Eye Learn Program until June 30th, 2018. It's not too late!  EVERY child currently finishing JK this school year in Milton will receive a full comprehensive eye exam (insured by OHIP) and a FREE pair of frames and lenses from Milton Optometry if they need them.  Don't wait to have your child's eyes examined.   Reserve your child's appointment today at Milton Optometry!