Car Seat Safety for Colder Weather

The colder weather is upon us and it's time to put the summer clothes away and bring out the warm coats; but is that what is safest for your child? It is very important to think about the proper way to dress your child when they are still in a car seat. Here are some great safety tips from Kenn Macfie from Bullseye Child Safety a professional child proofer to keep your little one safe in your vehicle during the winter months.

The cold winter weather brings an added challenge when it comes to car seat safety.

We want our children to be warm, but how best to do that without compromising safety?

Avoid snowsuits and bulky coats under car seat harnesses.  As always, no more than 1 finger should be able to fit between the child and the harness strap at the collarbone.  By adding thicker/multiple layers under the harness, it becomes more difficult to determine if the straps are tight enough.

For carriers, we can add blankets over a buckled-in child without having to adjust shoulder straps.  Easy solution!

Booster seats (for children at a legal minimum of 40lbs) aren’t as affected as seat belts can adjust over thicker coats etc.  They still need to have the lap portion firmly on the hipbones though! 

(Remember:  booster seats need to be used until your child is either 80lbs, 4’ 9” tall or 8 years old.  NO EXCEPTIONS!)

The rear and forward facing seats between carriers and boosters require the most thought.  Best to warm up your vehicle on brutally cold days.  Have your child in warm clothes and place a blanket or coat over them (and over the harness) if need be.

Note: children’s car seats are warmer than the vehicle seats as they wrap around our children and reflect heat.

If you have questions or would like your car seats professionally installed, please contact Bullseye Child Safety.  Half of all car seat installation fees go to Children’s Aid Foundation of Halton.  We raised $1000 last year and hope to match that again this year!

Let’s take the extra moment or two in preparation for travel, no matter the distance, and have ourselves a safe and happy winter!

Be Child Safe!

Kenn Macfie

Advanced Certified Professional Child Proofer

Bullseye Child Safety

905 601 6464