Business Feature - Gesso Wellness Kitchen

As a mom, we spend so much time making sure our families are taken care of and are healthy, we often forget about ourselves. Meet Isabelle Labbe who would like to help you get back on track to a healthier you!

Welcome to Gesso Wellness Kitchen! My name is Isabelle Labbe and I am certified integrative Health Coach. I work with busy moms like you and my main goal is to help reignite the energy within them. Essentially, we work together to strengthen your foundation meaning, discovering what your personal and authentic recipe is in order to reach your wellness goals, to help gain mental clarity and ultimately re-connect with yourself. Being a mom of 3 myself, I know how life can get at times. It comes to a point where you seem to have forgotten who you are, you’ve lost some good habits, you don’t take time to take care of yourself… That’s the energy I help you reignite. Think about it this way, just like an athlete needs a coach to ensure they reach the next level, I am here as your coach to assist you in reaching your next level. 

Lets speak about foundation. Did you know that building a house is similar to painting on a canvas? The first step to building a house is to ensure that there is a solid foundation poured. An artist, similarly, will apply a medium called gesso to the canvas before he paints on it. Gesso acts like a primer, it creates a foundation to provide longevity to the art work. Strengthening your foundation with the help of Gesso Wellness Kitchen will allow you to maintain your solid household while demonstrating healthy habits to your little ones.  As a mom you are the glue that ties your family together. Evolving your lifestyle habits to strengthening your foundation, continuing to build on the masterpiece that is yourself, is an absolute must if you want to reach that next level and create lasting results for you and your family.

I invite you to check out my Facebook Page and to browse the Gesso Wellness Kitchen website, where you can sign up for my newsletters and take advantage of a complimentary consultation as the first step to reigniting your energy Life is an ongoing journey, look at what you have already accomplished! Being a mom is the hardest job out there. Are you ready to re-connect with yourself again? Life is built on energy, so lets get the energy back into your life.