The Benefits of Meditation

I had a conversation with someone yesterday who wants to start meditating. And I feel like this is a common story for many of you. You want to do it, but you’re not sure how or where to start. And so then it just becomes this thing that you want to do, but it never happens.

I started meditating about 3 years ago now. I knew that fitting it into my day was important, but like you, I wasn’t exactly sure I had the time. What I decided would work for me was to listen to a meditation at bedtime. So I simply go on google and type in “Guided Meditation For…” and I’ll choose peace or sleep or self-love. Really there are a lot of choices and you just need to find one with a soothing voice that you like. My phone then goes in my night stand drawer and I lye down and focus on the words, while taking deep breaths and relaxing my body and mind. I like it loud enough so I can hear it clearly, but you can listen to it softly too. The idea is that you’ll fall asleep listening and our subconscious will benefit from the positive environment we’ve created.

Since starting this bedtime routine, in 3 years I’ve only missed 2 nights. Both of them I was feeling lazy and both times I had a hard time falling asleep and vowed not to miss it again. That’s a pretty good sign. Take the time to meditate. I’m telling you, it’s so worth it.

My discussion about meditation also included meditating awake and upright. This is something that I don’t do often, but back in September when I was deciding how to spend my days with both kids now in school, I would sit and meditate to fill my time with something positive. And what that did for me, was help me to become clear on my purpose. Through mindful meditation we can hear our voice. And when you trust yourself and you listen, this voice will guide you to the answers you’re seeking.

Meditating is such a beautiful experience for your mind and body combined and I truly feel more aligned and at peace with this pratice in my life. And I want this same peace for you.

So start at bedtime. Commit to making it your new bedtime routine. Or if that doesn’t work, find another time that does. But make a commitment to meditating. It’ll bring things into your life that you might not know exists yet ;)

Wishing you more peace, balance, happiness, vibrant health and lasting love.

Guest Blogger - Sandy Jamieson