St. Patrick's Day Themed Crafts for Children

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with some fun and easy crafts with your kids.


Tissue Paper Rainbow and Pot of Gold

Looking fr the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Looks like you found out.


black & green construction paper


tissue paper in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple

white cardstock




black construction paper

cotton balls

gold glitter


Trace the rainbow template onto the white cardstock and cut it out

Roll each piece of tissue paper and glue onto the cardstock. Complete each row at a time. Start with red at the top and follow with orange, yellow, green, blue and finish with purple.

Glue a few cotton balls on one end of the rainbow to make clouds.

Trace the ot of gold template onto the black paper. Cut this out and glue to the other end of the rainbow. Glue some gold glitter on the top of the pot.


Shamrock Scissor Skills Projects

This is a great project to use when you are first introducing a child to scissors. 


children's scissors,
construction paper -- you can prechoose the color or let the kids pick their own
paper and printer


Print template of choice or make your own.
Cut the construction paper into long, one inch wide strips (you can cut fast, they don't have to be perfect)
Show the child how to hold and safely use their scissors.
Let the child snip off pieces from the strips of construction paper...  As the children get older, you can ask them to try to snip perfect squares, but to begin with, just let them snip away
Either squeeze the glue onto the template for the child or squeeze some into a margarine container lid and give the child a q-tip or popsicle stick to spread the glue themselves.
Let the child fill the template with the snipped pieces -- don't worry that they go over the lines.
Let dry.
Cut out the shape along the dark line (you should be able to turn the page over and see the dark black line through the back of the paper).


Easy Rainbow and Pot of Gold Craft

This craft helps to buikd on colour recognition and counting the dots! .


White sheet of paper

Construction paper

Coloured office stickers

Old envelope seals


Arrange the office stickers into a rainbow shape, cut a pot shape from construction paper, and use the seals to represent gold coins.


Faux Tie Dye Shamrocks


This St Patrick’s Day shamrock craft will allow children to use their creativity and give them an opportunity to strengthen their cutting ability.


Coffee filters
Bingo dauber (green and yellow)
Table cloth, newspaper or napkins


Use your scissors  to cut your coffee filters into Shamrock shape (can even do a four leaf one as well!)
Place table cloth, newspaper or napkins down as this can be a little messy
Use your coloured bingo daubers to make patterns, designs or just whatever your heart desires
Let them dry for an hour or so
When they are all dry you can place them in the window or put them on the fridge.


Shamrock Rainbow Necklace


This is a great activity that involves children to practice their fine motor skills by threading the cereal. You can chllenge the older ones to patterning and have them practice writing their own names on the tag.


Fruit loop cereal
String measured to preference
A rainbow guide that shows the colours order
green paper cut in the shape of a clover


Measure you string to desired length and cut with scissors  
Put Fruitloop cereal in a bowl (Extra for snacking!)
Set up a visual of the all the colours in a rainbow for the children to see it visually (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Green, Violet)
place shamrock in the centre of the string
Now start to place Fruitloops on the string

When finished you can wear your creations or eat them as a snack!!


Gold Hunt Sensory Tub

This fun St Patrick’s Day sensory bin is easy and a great way to let the children practice measurements and filling and pouring!


Split peas
Yellow lentils
Mung beans
Bamboo rice
Gold coins
Toy shovels or even large spoons
Measuring cup or container
Large bin


Pour all of the beans, rice and peas into the large bin
Mix in all of the gold coins
Add shovels or large spoons and measuring cup or container
And let the children search for the gold coins!


We hope you enjoy these festive crafts and activiites. Happy St. Patty's Day!


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