Role Playing - Community Heroes

This month we will be introducing the kids to a variety of community helpers and the important roles they play. Here are some craft suggestions to help get them into character and acting out the jobs.


Police Officer's Hat & Badge

Police officers are there to help us and keep our community safe. This craft found on Craft Projects Blog offers us the opportunity to explain the duties of our friends in blue. Take the time to go over when we should use 911 and what to tell the operator in the event of an emergency.


Homemade Fireman Hose

Busy Bee Kids shares this fun craft to teach our littles about fireman. Take the opportunity to go over your fire escape plan. Explain the importance of stop, drop and roll.


DIY Stethoscope

Doctors do their best to make us healthy when we are sick. Kids will have fun playing doctor with this DIY stethoscope. Put together a doctor bag with some other supplies doctor's use. Take a childrens medicine syringe to use as a needle, popsicle sticks for tongue depressors, etc. Thanks Left Brain Craft Brain for this awesome craft!


Construction Worker Crafts

Create your own tool belt and learn the names of the tools, create a blueprint / design of a building and make some "concrete" for some messy hands on Pre-K fun.


Garbage Truck Pickups

This game found on Toddler Toddler will keep your littles entertained learning about the importance of sanitation workers. Put scraps of paper, plastic, wrappers, cans, etc. out and have a discussion about what items can be recycled.


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