Making Birds from Recycled Treasures

Using recycled material is a great way to turn "junk" into a special gift!


We had a great time creating fun feathered friends with recycled treasures .  

This simple craft kept our little ones busy for quite a while.  

For this craft you will need:

a paper bag 

a few balled up pieces of newspaper
a pipe cleaner
paint & paintbrush
googly eyes
scraps of paper to make beaks

To make the bird, stuff the bag with the newspaper, then tie it with the pipe cleaner.  Use a yogurt container to hold the bird so that you can paint it without getting too messy. We used feather boas from a Halloween gone by, and scraps of craft paper for beaks.

Once the paint was dry we attached a ribbon to the top of the bird so that it could be hung up. We used a hot glue gun (definitely a job for an adult) to attach the ribbon to the paper bird.

These adorable birds really had some personality and it was so fun to see each child beam with pride when showing off their creation.  



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