Imaginative Play & Sensory to Learn About Different Cultures

Celebrating different cultures in the world is an important thing for our littles, as it will help to teach them an understanding of how a lot of their friends are raised and about some of their traditions.



There is a lot that you can make as a craft to celebrate the Austrailian culture but there is one many do not realize is actually from there. The didgeridoo is an instrument from the Aborigine people in Australia. Have fun making one with your kids and have a fun jam session. Learn how from Kool Kids Crafts.



Kids love pizza! You can make your own dough from scratch and make your own pizza with your littles. Put on a red, white and green outfit and make personal pizzas for everyone in the family with this recipe from Super Healthy Kids.



A luau is a Hawaiian party or feast. Make your own grass skirt and tropical flower crown and have a fun celebration with the family.




Anyone who has watched Braveheart knows that the kilt is a traditional outfit in Scotland. Another popular tradition for Scots is Highland dancing. Here's a great video that will get you started in learning the dance.



Learning how to use chopsticks is a great way to work on fine motor skills. Why not put on your finest kimono, enjoy some sushi with your family and teach them to use chopsticks while you're at it.



Get dressed up in your most vibrant outfit and have a Bollywood dance party.



Take your kids on an African Safari, at home. Put your Safari animals in the backyard, make some binoculars and take the kids out to find and identify the animals.


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