Farm Animal Sensory and Science

Children have a natural curiosity that starts from the beginning. Sensory bins and science projects help fulfill their curious nature.


Fall Farm Sensory Tub

What You'll Need:

Dried Wild Rice

Unpopped Popcorn

Dried Lentils

Fake Apples

Fake Acorns


Toy Animals

This sensory bin offers a multitude of learning experiences such as using fine motor skills and counting.


Life Cycle of a Chicken

What You'll Need:

poster board

white and orange cardstock paper

shredded brown paper

black, orange, yellow and red marker

googly eyes

washable red tempera paint


What came first, the chicken or the egg? This little craft helps little ones understand the cycle.


Cute, Messy, Muddy Pig

What You'll Need:

Pig Printable

Pink Paper

Construction Paper

Shaving Cream


Brown Paint

Crayons or Markers

This one is a little messy but that's what is most fun about it!


Egg  Drop Science Project

What You'll Need:


Items from your recyclin bin (empty box, egg carton, etc)


Bubble Wrap

Cotton Balls



This is a great experiment for your school aged children. Don't be afraid to use items not on the list.


Make Your Own Butter

What You'll Need:

½ pint of heavy cream

1 clean pint jar or other similarly-sized container with a tight cover or lid, preferably plastic

1 clean marble



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