Experiments to Help Get Young Girls Interested in Science and Technology

In celebration of international women’s week let's encourage women to enter non traditional jobs. This starts in the early ages and depends on what they are exposed to or given the opportunity to explore. Here are some great experiments to start getting our little girls interested in Science and Technology.


Color Changing Flowers Science Experiment

Ever wonder how flowers can come in unusual colours? Fun Learning For Kids shows you how.


Super Cool Lava Lamp Experiment

Fun Learning For Kids will love this experiment using simple ingredients found around the house.


Grow a Bean in a Bag

The Science Kiddo shares this great experiment to learn about plant biology.


Turn Milk Into Plastic

I had no idea you can use milk to make plastic. Love this experiment from How Wee Learn and your little will too!


Potato Battery

Potatos taste delicious but can also be a great source of energy. No I don't mean body energy, it can be used as a type if battery.  Check out Steam Powered Family to learn more.


Egg Drop Challenge

The egg drop challenge is one we see often portrayed as a great science fair experiment on TV. Have fun with your kids trying to figue out a safe way to drop an egg without it cracking. STEAMsational shares some ideas to get you started.


Candy Survey and Graph

This acivity helps with learning about graphing and taking surveys. Find an item your kids can relate to and have them survey friends and family members (or use social media for some extra people to survey) and use this technique from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls to create your bar graph.


Squishy Circuits

If your kids love to play with Play-Doh, they will love this experiment that adds a technical side to it. Thanks to STEAMsational for sharing this.


PEEPS Boat Engineering Challenge

Thanks again to STEAMsational for this fun experiment that you can do over the Easter holiday.


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