Crafts Designed to Teach Your Little Ones All About Our Community Helpers

The famiizuu theme for the month of February is Community Helpers. Here are some fun crafts that give our little ones the opportunity to learn how certain people in our neighbourhood are here to help keep us safe and healthy.


Community Helper Stick Puppets

What You'll Need:

A4 or Letter size paper or card stock
Crayons or colored pencils
Glue or scotch tape
Craft sticks or drinking straws

This is the perfect craft to teach about the careers of our community helpers and to make up stories and puppet play.


Dentist Craft

What You'll Need:

Tooth template
Cream colored construction paper or cardstock
White paint
White glitter
Inexpensive toothbrushes
Plate to put paint on

Teaching our proper hygiene includes learning how to brush your teeth. This is a fun way to teach our young ones to get shiny white teeth.


Paper Plate Police Car

What You'll Need:

Large Paper Plate
Favorite Colored Tissue Paper
White/Black Cardstock

If you have a car enthusiast in the family, the will have a blast with this craft from Glued to my Crafts


DIY Fire Extinguishers

What You'll Need:

Empty spray bottles

Red and black tape


Endless hours of fun for your preschooler to act like a firefighter


X-Ray Craft

What You'll Need:

Black construction paper

White crayon



This craft works well to teach what an X-Ray machine can see and also about thenumber of bones the human body has.


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