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Buckwheat Pancakes

Love pancakes but wonder how healthy they are? Here is a delicious recipe that is healthy and gluten free!

What’s The Deal With My Baby’s Eye Colour?

Ever wonder why you and your kids got the eye colour you have?

Twas the Night Before Valentine's Day..

A Valentine's Day poem that will touch the hearts of moms everywhere.

5 Ideas for Refinishing Your Basement

Home renovations are the way to making your space completely your own. The domilya GROUP offers some great suggestions to improve the use of your basement.

How to Create a Genuine Network

Everyone talks about networking and there are all kinds of tips and tricks out there, but perhaps the most important key to remember when creating your network is to be genuine.

Crafts Designed to Teach Your Little Ones All About Our Community Helpers

The famiizuu theme for the month of February is Community Helpers. Here are some fun crafts that give our little ones the opportunity to learn how certain people in our neighbourhood are here to help keep us safe and healthy.

Family Milton

Will new changes to the Mortgage Rules affect you?

Buying a house is an exciting time but applying for a mortgage can be pretty stressful. There are so many rules that it's hard to know what will affect you. Our friends at Roach Family Real Estate try to make it a little easier to understand.

8 Delicious Recipes to Flavour Your Water

We know we're supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day to help stay healthy, but really water can be quite boring. Here are some yummy recipes to add a little kick to your daily dose of hydration.

Family Fun Events in the Halton Region - February 2016

Lots of great events happening in the Halton Region.

Family Yoga

Getting in a workout can be a challenge when you have kids in tow. Blue Rock Wellness is offering a New Program - Family Yoga where everyone can get in some exercise while having fun!