Growing Up Digital: New Research and Tips for Parents

Kids as young as 2 are able to use technology better than some adults. We need to role model the proper use of technology to help our kids learn the balance of technology and social discipline.

The Helicopter Parent

Are you helicopter parent? Not sure exactly what that means...... read on to see if you fit the label and get helpful tips if you are guilty of this behaviour.

Sensory & Science Fun with Transportation

Who says science has to be boring. Here are some fun sensory bins and activities your little ones can do while learning about transportation.

Crafts Family Little Scientists Milton Preschool Toddler

Has Your JK Child Had Their EYE EXAM Yet?

Did you know that EVERY JK student in Ontario is entitled to a FREE EYE EXAM AND A FREE PAIR OF GLASSES (if they need it)? One of the most important tools you can give your child for school is healthy vision!

What you can do to help prepare kids for Kindergarten

Want to help your child transition into Kindergarten as smoothly as possible but not sure how? Here are some tips from a local Certified ECE to help give your child the tools they need to start the first day off right!

Ages and Stages of Play!

As every stage of development is drastically different, it’s important to understand how children play at various ages. Of course younger babies can’t toddle over to a toy and explore, but as a parent or caregiver you can present them with things that may intrigue them that they can look at and try to reach out to.

Learning about Polar Animals through Crafts

There are a few animals who prefer to live in cold weather. From polar bears, penguins and the snowy owl, here are some crafts to help introduce them to our little ones.

Crafts Family Milton Preschool Toddler Winter

Snowman and Mittens - Craft and Sensory Ideas

January brings lots of snow and cold weather. That means needing to wear mittens and all the joy of building snowmen. But who says it has to all be done outdoors? Here are some crafts that celebrate the winter season.

Crafts Milton Preschool Toddler Winter

Are all probiotics created equal? A HOW TO guide on picking a probiotic for your child.

The research on the good bacteria in the gut has helped us understand how to prevent and treat gut related issues. Most people take a probiotic or give one to their child when they have been on an antibiotic or if there is a digestive issue. So let’s start there. Which probiotic should you take after a round of antibiotics? What probiotic strains help to treat reflux, colic, diarrhea and constipation?

Dinosaur Crafts and Sensory

Pretty much every kid goes through a dinosaur phase. For some it is when they are toddlers and others it is when they are school aged learning about history and science.

Crafts Curriculum Little Scientists Milton Preschool Toddler