How many times a day do you use your eyes? Your vision is one of your most precious assets, helping you work, play with your kids and build memories throughout a lifetime. What if you didn’t have your vision anymore? Are you doing everything you can to protect it????

What is Periorbital Cellulitis?

Eye health is very important for our children's development. Our friends at Milton Optometry share what to look for if your child has an infection called Periorbital Cellulitis.

Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinics in Milton

It’s the time of year for coughs and colds, sniffles and sneezes, and sometimes you just can’t wait for an appointment with your own doctor. Luckily, Milton has a number of excellent Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinics to serve your needs.

Car Seat Safety for Colder Weather

The colder weather is upon us and it's time to put the summer clothes away and bring out the warm coats; but is that what is safest for your child? It is very important to think about the proper way to dress your child when they are still in a car seat. Here are some great safety tips from Kenn Macfie from Bullseye Child Safety a professional child proofer to keep your little one safe in your vehicle during the winter months.

Nutrition Facts 101

Nutrition facts tables are very daunting to many. Long lists of confusing ingredients and conflicting serving sizes lead tons of us to avoid reading these important tables. Nutrition fact tables should never be overlooked especially if we are looking out for allergens. Thankfully for us, Health Canada is changing the laws on how manufacturers have to display nutrition facts! Starting in 2017 and over the next few years, you will start to notice differences that will make our lives much easier!

Signs Your Child May Have a Concussion

Extra curricular activities keep our kids busy all year round. Hockey, soccer, karate, just to name a few are a lot fun and great for our kids to participate in. However, sometimes they can get a little scary. Once in awhile a sports related injury can lead to a concussion. Do you know what to look for if your child gets hurt and bangs their head.

Loss of a Twin

You get the news that you are pregnant with twins and then all of a sudden the joy you are feeling is taken away when the doctor tells you, you have lost one of them. "How could we go from such excitement and joy to a feeling complete of despair?"

How Well Does Your Child See?

Do you really know how well your child can see?
Many parents do not know their child has a vision problem and neither does the child. Children don’t know they have a vision problem because they don’t know what signs to look for. 1 in 6 children have a vision problem significant enough to impair their ability to learn.


A study in the Journal of Orthopaedics reported that 50-90% of pregnant women will likely experience lower back pain. This pain may persist after giving birth if you don’t take action.

Toilet Training Steps for Success!

A toilet training plan should be initiated after seeing clear cues or signs that indicate your child’s readiness to start training. Showing signs of readiness can be anything from interest in the toilet or having knowledge of their bodily functions. Some children are interested in toilet training as early as 18 months while others need to slowly become more comfortable with the idea of the toilet. Showing interest in toilet training or using the toilet at an earlier age does not mean they will train more quickly, all toilet training takes patience, time and consistency!