Crockpot Soups

Colder weather means soup weather. Slow cookers are a great way to make a hearty meal for your family without spending hours in the kitchen!

Move Over Movember; Here Comes Dinovember!

Parents Refe and Susan Tuma started a tradition four years ago in 2012 where they convince their children that every night, their plastic toy dinosaurs come to life and get into all sorts of mischief.

Community Events, Fundraisers and Family Activities in Milton and Halton Region for November 2017

So many wonderful events coming up in November to help you begin the holiday festivities. From charity events to help you with your Christmas shopping or to help welcome the big man in red, there is a number of things for the whole family to enjoy. We also remember those who have died fighting for our freedom this month.

Signs Your Child May Have a Concussion

Extra curricular activities keep our kids busy all year round. Hockey, soccer, karate, just to name a few are a lot fun and great for our kids to participate in. However, sometimes they can get a little scary. Once in awhile a sports related injury can lead to a concussion. Do you know what to look for if your child gets hurt and bangs their head.

Spooktacular Activities to Celebrate Halloween

Check out these spooky but fun activities to do with your little ones this Halloween.

Crafts Fall Family Halloween Milton

Naturopathic Cold and Flu Treatment and Prevention!

Every year many of us spend at least 3 or 4 days (and most likely more) a month feeling a bit “under the weather” or “fighting off” something, making these dreary months even more difficult to enjoy. This year it’s time to make a GOAL to stay healthy and bacteria free!

Pumpkin Oatmeal Spooktacular Cookies

Pumpkin is the flavour of fall, and what better way to celebrate fall than to celebrate Halloween too! These cookies are gluten free, and can also be made dairy free by using dairy free chocolate chips. My favourite brand of dairy free chocolate chips is Enjoy Life.
You can turn any baking recipe into a Halloween themed mummy with a few melted white chocolate chips!

Crafts That Celebrate Fall

Leaves changing colour, pumpkins are in season and Fall festivals are upon us. There is a lot to celebrate during the Autumn season. Here are a few crafts to help get us in the mood!

Crafts Fall Family Halloween Milton Thanksgiving

Delicious Recipes for Thanksgiving Turkey leftovers!

What to do with all the Turkey leftovers? Here are a few delicious recipes to help you enjoy the bird for a few extra days.

Delicious Pumpkin Recipes for Fall

Pumpkin season has arrived but only for a short time. There are plenty of delicious ways to enjoy this "large melon" - pies, muffins, soups, etc... Here are a few unique recipes to try during this harvest season.