6 Back-to-School Essential Oil Basics!!!

Its the most wonderful time of the year…..can you hear that song playing in your mind? Most moms are ready for the routine to kick back in, but with the routine come some additional things that essential oils can help with.

I believe and teach a WHOLE-istic approach to wellness.  To be truly “well” its important to look at the a number of factors such as; the quality of our food, proper sleep, minimal electronics, probiotics for gut health, exercise and of course adding in the use of CPTG quality essential oils.

Not only do essential oils work to allow the body to heal itself but it also elevates our health right at cellular level.  CPTG quality oils go through a 7-step testing process to ensure quality standards, and the results can be quite quick.

Here are 6 oil blends that will assist you in the areas of your lives that your little will experience throughout the year.

  1. Waking with energy = Peppermint + Wild Orange.  As we get back into the routines, our children go through a period where they may experience grumpiness in the morning (or maybe thats all year round!?).  What I find works really well is upon wakening diffuse this blend while getting ready.  You can even put a drop of each with some fractionated coconut oil in palm and rub on back of neck for energy.   I use this blend all throughout the day because its that good!
  2. Immune Support = On Guard.  Our immune system needs to be supported during this time of year.  When starting back with routines that may mean lack of sleep, improper eating, stress from nerves, emotions that are up and down, all effect the immune system.  When you use On Guard Immune Support it is designed to support the immune system and kill pathogens and viruses.  Apply to bottoms of feet in morning under socks.
  3. Focus Blend= Focus Blend.  Does your child have a hard time staying focused for a length of time?  Grab In Tune and have your child roll on temples at school. My children use it and say it “works amazing mom!”
  4. Tummy Blend = ZenGest.  This blend in our house is a must!  My son use to get tummy aches at the start of school and zengest digestive blend saved us every time.  As soon as any anxious feelings came, he’d roll this blend on his stomach and within seconds his tummy was fine.   Its great for bloating, flatulence and digestive issues.
  5. Sleepy Slumber = Serenity Blend. A proper nights sleep is necessary for the body and brain to work optimally.  Just because the body is asleep for 8 hours doesn’t mean its sleeping deeply.  Applying Serenity blend to the bottoms of the feet and/or the diffuser will ensure that the body goes into the deep REM cycles of sleep.  Serenity calms the body and allows sleep to be restful so your little has a productive day.
  6. Moms BALANCING Blend=Balance blend. Now a stash of oils wouldn’t be complete without a blend for mom…right?  The roller of choice for mom is Balance.  Balance is a blend of oils that bring a calm and grounding sensation when you're feeling overwhelmed,  anxious and irritated.  It is also great for littles in their diffuser blended with Serenity and of course used topically.   Every mom I work with carries Balance with her everywhere….and so can you!

Whatever the need, there is an essential oil that can help.   They are safe, inexpensive and they work, you just have to apply them.   This time of year can be enjoyable for you and your littles (and teenagers too!!).

Make sure you ask for the gift (valued at $50) thats offered when you purchase the “Back-to-School kit” of these 6 oils. 

Just email Kristen Verschoor-Owens to ask questions or get started if you're feeling the momma-tug.