Sensory & Science Fun with Transportation

Who says science has to be boring. Here are some fun sensory bins and activities your little ones can do while learning about transportation.


Muddy Trucks and Car Wash

Best thing about summer is all the messy fun we can have. Busy Toddler shares this fun sensory bun that allows our little ones to have fun with their cars and trucks in the mud and then put them through a "car wash". Don't worry if you're little one gets a little dirty. After all that's what hoses and sprinklers are for.


Elastic-band Launchers

Paper airplanes are a lot of fun for kids. Making them and then seeing how far they can fly is a great joy. Thanks to Housing A Forest, now flying paper airplanes is that much better.


Homemade Bottle Rocket

This project found on Spaceships and Laser Beams is fun for the whole family.  Be careful though, you may find dad has the most fun;)


Messy Boats

Another great sensory bin found on Busy Toddler. I especially love this one for toddlers who enjoy putting everything in their mouth.


Simple Construction Zone Sensory Bin

This sensory bin is great for our little ones senses but also a great way to teach the alphabet and introducing spelling. Thanks to Modern Preschool for sharing this one.


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